Meet LynnWelcome to Lynn’s Coupons! This is one of the internet’s little best-kept secrets. Saving money is what this site is all about and I am your ticket to getting the biggest bang for your buck. Either you want to find killer coupons, or you are new to it all and want to learn how to save your family a bundle. Which ever it is, come in, and let’s do it together.

I am Lynn Clairwood, and saving other people money is my business. This website is about teaching anyone who wants to know about coupons and rebate forms how to do them. I also have a giant coupon community for you to discuss, share, and engage in. The community is the heart and my pride and joy. Lastly, if you want to pick up a few coupons or forms then you can stop by the store and browse through what I have.

I order some of the best coupons and forms from around the country. Those suppliers send me their goods and in exchange for their time for cutting them and shipping them, I am able to provide you cheap prices for big discounts. My service has been successful for over 30 years and I don’t see that slowing down for a long time. I decided 2014 was going to be a year of change and I have upgraded my entire website, but I also decided to make a big change to the way I do business. There is a few so I think it’s best I list them :)

  1. Shipping charges has changed. For any order $4.99 and below it’s a flat $.75 S&H. Any order that is $5.00 or more is FREE shipping!
  2. All deals and updates will be announced through the community. If you are not a member then you will miss out. Membership is entirely FREE!
  3. Prepaid accounts/shopping is here now. Keep a balance and use it whenever you want!
  4. You need to register in the community, then the store. So you will have 2 accounts. Until we can find a way to connect them, this will be the way.
  5. Once the website has finished transitioning, we will start using the community heavily to reward our members. Make sure you join AND participate for your chances to benefit.

Those are big changes and these are the first significant upgrades in almost 10 years. It was time to re-evaluate the entire offering and get back to the drawing board. I have brought everything I can think of to the table, but that doesn’t mean it’s enough. There are some really big plans for 2014 and I am excited more than ever before. I hope if this is the first time you are reading this that you will decide to join me and the rest of the community.

Retiring the Old

We have finally finished saving and converting the old website to the new. We will be officially deleting everything. It’s time to make the clean break and move forward. All of this will finally let everyone get a better experience. If you are not having a top-notch experience then please post in the community so we can try to fix things.

Remember, you need to create an account in the store. If you were a member of the old community (forum) then you have an account already. It’s been transitioned over. You just need to do the lost password and recreate. We tried preserving as much as possible. Also, Adam is Lynn’s oldest son. For everyone wondering who he is, he is rebuilding everything and lending a hand to get the new website up and running. Hopefully improving the business as a whole in the meantime.