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I Was Checking Out, Now the Product is Out of Stock!

Discussion in 'Bugs & Issues' started by Adam, Oct 14, 2014.

  1. Adam

    Adam Lynn's Oldest Son
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    Mar 1, 2014
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    We had an issue for the first time today. Someone added some coupons to their cart, then shopped, then went to checkout. They were hot coupons for sure. During that time someone came in and bought them before the first person could. They were upset, and rightly so.

    I am researching some sort of resolution for this, but it's not looking promising. The store is a first come, first serve type of store. It doesn't reserve items in a cart, and I understand why. What if everyone had carts filled up and never checked out? The simple answer is that Lynn would never make a sale and this site would disappear quickly. The question is "do I fix this"? 75% of me says no, because I want things to sell. There isn't a huge amount of inventory in the store and taking the chance that every shopping cart will checkout is a HUGE risk.

    The other 25% wants people to have a fair shake at getting the items. I am torn and like usual, want to make everyone happy. I wanted to start this thread so people are aware that I know, and this is a real thing. I know people want to save on shipping by not checking out 5 orders in a day, so that might be the crux. So I am actively seeking a compromise here like a 5 minute holding period.

    SOLUTION: When Lynn (my mom) gets something HOT and NEW, you better buy quickly. I can't stop the checkouts and there is no holds currently.

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